The Borrowers

Mark just finished rereading The Borrowers books by British author Mary Norton, a favorite series of his since his childhood. They are really quite charming.


Summer Specials

When planning my birthday dinner, I wanted to make a special menu to mark the day.


Desert Adapted

We adapted quickly to our desert home. We don't mind the heat (blush - we have air conditioning!), and we quickly came to the realization that it's the humidity we don't like.


Will Travel for Food

Today's recipe is another I created while we were traveling last summer up the west coast by train. Our time on the train alternated with staying for a few nights in each of several cities, so there was ample opportunity to cook for ourselves and friends. Today's creation is Shrimp Risottouffée, as it combines my love of both Italian and New Orleanian cuisines.


Family Jewels

A beautiful melon from Larry's Veggies!
Pickled watermelon rinds are said to be southern, which is funny because all the people I know who eat them are from the North.


Not Your Usual Birthday Cake

There was no frosting, not a single garish-colored rose.


When Will I See You Again?

Whenever we traveled to the Berkshire Mountains in Western Massachusetts to see Mark's parents, we made sure the visit included a meal at Bombay Bar and Grill in the Black Swan Inn in Lee. Most times, we took his parents Jim and Dorothy with us and, once, we were joined by his Aunt Naoma and Uncle Charles (Jim's twin brother).