What to Bake? {a cookbook review}

Phaidon Press recently sent me a review copy of What to Bake & How to Bake It by Jane Hornby. The large, beautifully-illustrated book arrived a couple of weeks ago, giving me ample time get to know the book and try a few recipes.


The Lady in Red

Mark and I miss Susie every day. Actually, any-and-everyone who knew her misses her.


A New Sauce for My Salmon

We live in a small community of 103 homes in the foothills of Tucson's Santa Catalina Mountains. The neighborhood is governed by a volunteer board comprised of neighbors.


The Comforts of Home

If I were to tell you I miss New England winters, you would think I had completely lost my mind, or you would know I was lying.


Cheese Cubed

It's been party, party, party this holiday season.


Homemade Pizza: A Safer Slice

Last summer, we attended a reunion for employees of a history museum where Mark worked in the Dark Ages (the 1970s and 1980s). I tagged along for the ride, but did not attend the reunion itself. (Me and 300 historians is not a good mix...)